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And in that instance, they didn’t choose her for her age, but simply because she looks fantastic, and would make people pick up the magazine from the rack.Which, of course, they did - without stopping to wonder why there wasn’t a twenty-something in her place.Meg has a son Jack with former husband Dennis Quaid, who she has claimed cheated for 'a long time' during their marriage, and adopted a Chinese girl who she named Daisy True in 2006. And we bet you can't tell her age based on photos alone!

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Perhaps it should be no wonder the ageless siren was in such a good mood, as she is once again back together with musician lover John Mellencamp.

The Sleepless In Seattle stunner looked in fine form indeed as she racked up the steps during their pleasure stroll in the trendy Tribeca area.

The 55-year-old natural beauty certainly looked like she had taken a sip from the Fountain Of Youth before stepping out in her black woollen jacket, casual trousers and trainers.

o, the next time you’re about to write off a trend as too young or old for you, do me a favour, and head to the fitting rooms instead: you might surprise yourself.

My lumpy knees might be unavoidable, but getting stuck in a style rut is not.

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