All about the mauritanian women dating in share a

If a child refuses to eat or drink, the matron will squeeze the sticks together, causing a lot of pain.If successful, the fattening process will cause a 12-year-old child to weigh 80kg. “By the age of 15, she will look 30.” As strange as it seems, the practice of Leblouh is a respected ancient tradition in Mauritania.It supposedly dates back to pre-colonial times, when the white Moor Arabs of the region were all nomads.The richer the husband, the less his wife would have to do around the house.So to make sure no other woman can ever have room, girls are sent away for Leblouh at special farms where older women will administer the necessary diet.It’s rather appalling to know that 5, 7 and 9-year-olds are expected to consume a daily diet of two kilos of pounded millet mixed with two cups of butter and 20 liters of camel’s milk.

Fattening just seems out of date to a large part of Mauritanian society.

As Tijanniya, a 14-year-old puts it, “I don’t think fat is beautiful.

Since the El Wafa center opened to help survivors of sexual violence 15 years ago, women in Mauritania are more willing to come forward, but weak legislation and cultural taboos mean many are still suffering in silence.

Stretch marks, known as ‘tebtath’ were seen as a woman’s jewels.

‘Lekhwassar’, which is fat around the waist, was given lyrical pride.

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