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Marcus even walks out of another date with a girl named Mindy while she finishes her meal. The poor foot soldier of love, having survived two nightmare dates, manages to strike gold with a woman with a great bikini shot named Chloe.

Bravo, though, somehow tries to cast her as a slutty slob for a) enjoying food and b) mentioning she is on her period (again, scandalous! The episode closes with the two of them kissing and eating ice cream on the couch after Marcus tells her his most recent date went so badly.

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On his first date, Marcus takes out a woman, Michel'le, who seems perfectly normal—as normal as the actress/model can be—except that the footage of her is pretty obviously spliced to make her seem flighty and self-obsessed.” Perhaps the only new insight the show offers is in its confirmation of the worst impressions of men in the world of online dating.Sadly, sometimes even the “good” guys can be pretty darn deceptive, shallow, and arrogant. I've had a huge outreach from fans via email, Facebook and my office..hundreds…I am still single and even busier than before so dating has not gotten easier. for most of the year as my partner and I bought a few companies out here, so I am looking for something more consistent/long-term.

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