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Cinematography by Paul Jones, Robert Molin, and Maxime Dely; music synchronized by Audio Review Symphonic Orchestra. "Secrets of Life in the Famous 'Latin Quarter,' the Follies, Triumphs and Tragedies in the Strangest Collection of Queer People in All the World, Revealed by Mlle. Written and narrated by Agnes Rindge Claflin; cinematography by Herbert Matter; filmed and recorded by Hartley Productions. He advised me to do what I really wanted to do—he himself often wished he had been an architect. (Calder 1966, 59) Summer: Calder writes the Kellogg Company and suggests they modify their cereal packaging, putting the wax paper on the inside rather than on the outside of the boxes.

I went to Vancouver and called on him, and we had quite a talk about what career I should follow.

Le catalogue de vidéo à la demande (VOD) est enrichi de plus de 150 nouveautés cinéma et audiovisuelles en français ou en version originale sous-titrée.

La plateforme continuera d’évoluer, pour intégrer de nouvelles fonctionnalités, et toujours plus de contenus exclusifs.

Grâce à notre nouveau service vidéo en replay, qui remplace Pluzz, vous pouvez variez les genres de programmes que vous regardez. Sélectionnez une catégorie et découvrez de nouveaux contenus.

(Calder 1966, 39) Summer: Calder spends five weeks in the Plattsburg Civilian Military Training Camp, New York, drilling with Company H, Fifth Training Regiment.

(Calder 1966, 39; Hayes 1977, 55) September: Calder begins his studies at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, where he takes courses which include chemistry, mechanical drawing, shop practice, and surveying, among others.

(CF, Calder 1955–56, 39; Calder 1966, 57–58) Spring: With the help of Stirling's introduction, Calder seeks employment with an engineer in Canada.

Barr, Jr., Nancy Newhall, George Amberg, Iris Barry, Elizabeth Mock, Serge Chermayeff, Rene D'Harnoncourt, Monroe Wheeler, Elodie Courter, and Victor D'Amico. Sponsored by Peggy Guggenheim's Art of This Century, New York. Calder finds a job as a timekeeper for a logging camp in Independence, Washington. (Calder 1966, 55–56) Summer: Inspired by the logging camp landscape, Calder writes home and asks his mother for paints and brushes.

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