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After hours of negotiations, Burgess emerged but had tried to slit his own throat and was taken to hospital.

Once released, he confessed to killing his wife during a police interrogation. Despite Burgess not being eligible for parole until serving at least 10 years in prison, Tyler Madill — who plans to attend all of the parole hearings — says "no amount of time will ever be enough" for his sister's killer.

When the ground thawed, Burgess dug a hole in the lawn and buried her there, covering her body in dirt and branches.

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1, 2014, after she failed to show up for a family event on the previous day.1, 2014, after failing to show up for a family event.Her body was discovered seven months later buried in the front yard of her home.It wasn't just heartbreak that members of Madill's family wrote about in their victim impact statements.Many also expressed a deep sense of betrayal from a man they had grown to love.

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