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He had his wife confined in an asylum for four months, but she worsened and would wake in the night in a 'frenzy'.

On examination, Baker Brown found her healthy, though she would not 'look him straight in the face'.

Tilt wrote, tellingly, a few months later: 'She has continued in good health, although she has left off the medicines.' But while the potions Tilt's patients had to endure may seem bizarre, they were nothing compared with what some women went through.

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'No sooner does night come on than I am prey to such dreadfully sinful desires that drive me mad,' said one.

Hot flushes, forgetfulness, tiredness - they are familiar symptoms for women of a certain age.

But while many may believe they're going through a hard time, it's nothing compared with what our predecessors experienced.

Even women who were not mentally ill were likely to offer 'insane interpretations' of their menopausal symptoms, according to George Savage, writing in The Lancet in 1903.

The Victorians reasoned that a woman's ovaries were the seat of feminine essence and all that was virtuous in women sprang from them.

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