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As I always say, none of us want perpetual pen-pals on dating sites, and Meet Me Outside (MMO) gets you off your phone and out there, doing something you both enjoy.“It’s a dating app that is connecting users based on their shared passion for adventure and an active lifestyle,” Meet Me Outside Co-Founder Rob Hand tells Bustle.You can also choose who pays, you, the other person, or split it 50/50 — no awkward bill-sitting-on-the-table-forever moments.Recently, Bustle’s Sex and Relationships Editor, Michelle Toglia, tried out this app and flew to Portland to meet Ray, a guy Miss Travel paired her with after she chose from five potential matches. This fairly new app does exactly what it advertises — it wants you and your date to meet outside.“No activity dates for a first date,” says Hartman.“It’s too much pressure.” Instead, ask questions to gauge how adventurous she may be.To avoid the ultimate dating disaster it’s also a good idea to determine if she has any phobias.The last thing you want to do is surprise a girl who’s terrified of heights with a hot air balloon ride or take someone who’s claustrophobic through a dark cave.

You can send members trip proposals, indicating the location (your city, theirs, or a new place), dates, and what kind of trip you’d like: Luxury, Adventure, Romance, Foodie, Local.

“Racing to keep pace and running out of breath doesn’t look good anyway,” Lorraine says. Bring along snacks, sunblock, and water; and don’t forget deodorant and a change of clothes, Hartman says.

Don’t make excuses for why you’re out of shape; that can come across as unattractive. “It never hurts to acknowledge a woman's fitness level, which is gratifying to her and shows you’re confident,” says Hartman. Since sweating is a given, the deodorant and clothes will make it easier to go grab that celebratory marg afterward.

Topdeck’s study, by the research firm You Gov, showed that 1 in 11 postgraduate Millennials did meet an significant other while traveling abroad.

Even though texting-based dating apps seem to be more popular than ever, Topdeck discovered that Millennials have other priorities, too — like traveling.

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