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Local D-list villain, mad scientist, prankster and toaster enthusiast- Germane Craft has a lot going on behind the scenes. " The stallion took a quick, steadying breath."No, Miss Bon Bon. A ceramic pot was set out, behind which the purpose of his visit sat."Ooh, tea! Lyra rolled her eyes and began pouring another cup."No, Bonnie, I want to hear this. interesting." Germane gave as disarming a grin as he could, admittedly not his best given the circumstances, and sat. But the revelation about human heritability and Pinkie Pie's father had cast a lot of doubt on his earlier assumptions."Look, I'm speaking as a representative of Princess Luna's Night Court, here," he said, waving an official seal. For his part, the stallion looked desperately relieved to see her.But when one Twilight Sparkle finds out he's part of a rescue program for reincarnated aliens... Ignoring his beverage for the moment, he took in the sight of the unicorn mare. That was made easier by the way he wasn't in the typical (and peculiarly cat-like) repose of ponies."I'm getting back in the habit. Forging one was grounds for prison time, and Lyra, at least, recognized that. " And then there was a flurry of movement and then Germane was backed into a corner between an icebox and a tall stack of cabinets. He hurried over, stepping around the bouncing Pinkie Pie and skidding to a stop next to her."I do not do well with crying females, Twilight. Please, please don't start crying." Deciding that the good-natured ribbing at the expense of her stallionfriend's dignity could wait, Twilight gave Lyra and her marefriend a concerned once-over."You mentioned she might have trouble," she said tentatively, "but I honestly thought she'd be a bit more excited, if what you told me was true." The pegacorn sighed."The scenario is, in a way, a sort of wish-fulfillment for her, yes. If I'm pulling the blinders around your eyes, I'm sure Twilight Sparkle can have me arrested or something.""Can Twilight do that? "Then you can see how you look like with feet." Lyra sniffed with suspiciously red eyes."Don't be crazy. "Your uncle Sean, you remember I told you about him? "He could do that, and juggle and do other tricks, too. But if it is, I'm going to make your life look like Tartarus during the off-season.""Just come by the library with me, tomorrow at around three. come by," he said, and triggered the Reflex to regain his quadrupedal footing. From her spot between Twilight and her mother, Dinky Doo clapped her hooves and giggled."Is that a normal thing? Ditzy, still a pegasus, shrugged."It's just a trick." She looked down at her daughter.Ran headfirst into a wall." Bon Bon laughed a lot harder at that than Twilight felt was entirely... No pony looked like they needed her for anything, particularly. Lacking any nerves to settle, and feeling like her own were a bit frayed, Twilight went back to one of the newest and strangest parts of her life. Usually disasters and revelations tended to space themselves out a bit more. " Twilight nodded and began feeding a thin stream of magic into the crystal set into the machine's side.fitting."Sorry, sorry," the candy-colored mare said as she wove off the others with one hoof. He has a lot of making up to do before things are squared away." Ponyville's librarian thought fast."He and the other coordinators already have a small library of books by and about humans put together. Pinkie had shifted back to her fuzzier self and, together with Vinyl, the two of them were trying to describe some sort of massive club opening last year to Rainbow Dash. There was, figuratively speaking, always time to grab a nap and a sandwich between one point and the next. Unless it was charging off of a larger capacitor or left on its own for several hours, Germane's portable magic batteries tended to run dry very quickly."So, do you like carnations? Feeding magic was just about the easiest thing in the world, and left her plenty of spare attention for conversation. Don't be afraid, it's like getting you picture taken with a really ugly camera."Dinky was off the couch before her momma could ask 'are you sure? Mister Craft had said it all really simple for her.Believe me, he's been nothing but honest since this whole 'humans' thing came out.

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Twilight was pretty sure he usually just did it in his head in a very absent-minded sort of way, but she'd gone ahead and written it out for him. I suppose they smell very flowery." Twilight giggled."For lunch, you goof. Her momma hadn't changed in front of her yet, but Pinkie and Germane had, and she wasn't scared of them at all. "The castle was at that point of the evening, a scant hour before sunset, when the staff was making preparations to change shifts.

Let him talk." Bon Bon flinched."Lyra, he's messing with your head! Both of them were staring at Pinkie with a kind of wide-eyed fascination. " Twilight winced- half of his reputation probably came from her own suspicions over the last couple years.

Just because you feel different, sometimes.""Just because you sometimes feel a little like... " In his moment of hesitation between one word and the other, Germane triggered the Reflex (he was capitalizing it now, for style). He waved, waggling his fingers as he did so."Hey, little sister. Understandably so, since the mare was trying unsuccessfully to turn cartwheels. Twilight was just thankful that she looked a lot more... Hay, he'd been mentioned to her before even that as being 'Olive Branch's wierdo colt'.

His mother had likely done too good a job teaching him manners. Rarity fanned herself."Oh, it wasn't much, really." She grinned.

For the sake of getting over with everything, he locked eyes with Lyra."Unless I'm very wrong, Miss Heartstrings," and he probably wasn't, since he'd gotten several records sent overnight from Canterlot, "You were adopted from an orphanage just south of Baltimare, raised in Canterlot, and moved to Ponyville without anyone properly explaining where a six year-old filly came from, as if out of nowhere. " Lyra jumped on him, hooves prodding at his ribs desperately. "Though you may go on.""Maybe after I get set up," the mad scientist suggested.

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