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A new wave of journals is taking the Irish literary world by storm, reinvigorating the national writing scene.

As well as established publications like Crannog, Cyphers and The Dublin Review, a slew of vibrant, exciting new publications have appeared.

They shine the spotlight on great writing, irrespective of the author's experience level.

Many well-known international writers got their start in literary magazines: Philip Roth and TC Boyle in The Paris Review; Flannery O'Connor, Anne Sexton and Cormac Mc Carthy in The Sewanee Review, with most significant Irish writers, from Swift to Heaney, cutting their literary teeth in Irish journals.

The Bell, founded in 1940 by Sean O Faolain, was a monthly magazine of literature and social comment with an outspoken liberal voice which had a seminal influence on a generation.

Its first edition sparkled with the wit and style of Elizabeth Bowen, Flann O'Brien, Patrick Kavanagh, Frank O'Connor, and Jack B Yeats and it continued to foster many young Irish writers and artists from the 1940s and 1950s, when contributors included Anthony Cronin (who went on to edit the magazine), John Montague, Thomas Kinsella, Val Mulkerns, Brendan Behan, Patrick Swift and Conor Cruise O'Brien.

Closer to home, the MA and MFA students of University College Dublin have launched a very slick, top-quality online literary journal, The HCE Review, the first of its kind in Ireland (

Ireland / Erin The earliest settlers arrived in Ireland around 9500 BC, following the slow Ice Age thaw and a gradual process of rehabitation of the British Isles.

Remnants of their presence are still scattered across the island.

Founded in Cork by writers John Keating and Mark O'Connell, it started life as a photocopied DIY 'zine, slowly but steadily evolving into one of the most exciting literary journals in the country with its own publishing arm, The Dreadful Press, and contributors ranging from John Boyne to Paul Muldoon.

Published quarterly and founded in 2010 The Moth, a beautifully produced journal, focuses equally on literature and art, and alongside this they publish an adorable children's magazine aptly titled The Caterpillar.

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