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His grandmother Sylvia said yesterday: 'He used to play football, ride his bike and be on his skateboard.He never showed me any disrespect.'Sometimes I would raise my voice at him and say things to him like "you are in fashion and look at the state of your room go clear it up".He would always do what i asked and say "ok granny".She said he had attended a local college and one of his subjects was photography before he entered the world of music and fashion.Philip Hutchinson, whose stage name is DJ GG, said the presence of more security guards by the path close to the Ambient Forest area of Bestival could have prevented someone from going there to do drugs.

Originally from Croydon, South London, he has flirted with fashion design, running several websites selling trendy street clothes.

A friend claimed today she had been an infrequent user of drugs.

Her actor father and his partner Carol Fletcher, 60, drove from their London home to the site having reportedly received a panicked phone call and a Whats App map pinpointing her location from the friend now believed to be in custody.

He also wants people to know she was a happy vibrant girl. It's just an accident, he's clear about that.'They're a really lovely family, lovely neighbours, best neighbours you could possibly want.'He drove 130-miles from London to Bestival yesterday morning after being sent a Whats App map locating her in an area where festivalgoers had been going to take drugs in secret.

A post-mortem examination showed 'no clear signs' of an assault on Miss Michie's body but tests showing if she had taken any illegal substances have not yet returned.

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