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We serve all people that want to find love no matter status, gender, preference, or religion.

Our priorities are focused on who a person is on the inside and helping you shine so that your soulmate can't miss you.

They're currently living the domestic dream in their home in Guelph with their golden retriever Finnegan. They spent much of grade 12 cruising around in Ali's 1997 Suzuki Swift, and a good portion of their university years driving back and forth to visit each other.Compliments are an all-too-often misused attempt at casting a rod to see if they bite. But here I'm gonna explain why it doesn't work and how you can make a little adjustment that's going to feel really good to you regardless of where the connection goes. But - you just can't possibly wait in this line with such proximity to an opportunity without at least trying. Imagine being vulnerable enough to put your heart out there to meet someone new knowing that they would treat you exactly the way you'd want to be treated, regardless of wanting to move forward. So, you're at your favorite coffee shop standing in line and behind you walks up this human who's got eyes you could dive into, a smile that's making you melt, and hair that you'd like to see in your bed tomorrow morning. We've interviewed hundreds of conscious, heart-centered lovers to find out what most people want in ideal modern dating etiquette. A 21st century love story, Kendra and Matt met online in 2012.When he arrived for their first date with flowers in hand and played Blink 182 in the car on the way to dinner, she knew she had found a good one - the rest is history!

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