Updating website to html5 games

This article covers all you need to know about the ways in which you can distribute your newly created game into the wild.This includes hosting it yourself online, submitting it to open marketplaces, and submitting it to closed ones like Google Play or the i OS App Store.You can put your HTML5 games into the same arena (see Native desktop, later on) and you should because it's good to diversify the platforms you support, but you have to remember that developers creating desktop games have years of experience, great tools and stable distribution channels.Many HTML5 games will target different market segments than desktop native games, e.g.You don't have to tell people to search for your game in an app store with HTML5 games.You can just send them a direct URL to access the game, which they can then click to play the game right away without the need to use third party plugins or download and install a large package.Game Pix is the ultimate platform for HTML5 game developers.We offer a complete solution to reach and monetize tons of users.

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As the name may suggest, publishers can handle the publishing of your game for you.

Spread your game everywhere, and start making real money now!

You've followed a tutorial or two and created an HTML5 game — that's great!

Saying this, desktop platforms can be used for distribution quite easily with the availability of wrappers that can help you prepare native builds of your game (see Packaging games.) It's also nice to provide desktop controls for your games even if you're mostly targeting mobile.

There are players enjoying your games on any platform available and desktop is definitely one of them.

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