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Later, this group crumbled and was broken down due to poor communication and misunderstanding leading Lil Debbie to join Houston rapper Ri FF and Ra FF.

The videos including “Squirt”, “Brain Freeze”, “Michelle Obama” and “Suckas Askin’ Questions”, “2 Cups”, and “Gotta Ball” got good reviews from viewers through You Tube making a viral success.

But, sometimes, there was a rumor that Lil is recalling her previously collapsed group ‘The White Girl Mob’ which is yet to be confirmed by Debbie, herself. She has more than 21k followers on the Facebook, 435k followers on the Instagram and 233k followers on the Twitter.

By now, you all know probably about Kreayshawn and her crap. In an unusual way, she’s kind of adorable…then she opens her mouth.

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The song became a viral phenomenon and lead to Kreay signing a reported million dollar deal with Sony later that year.

Lil was born on 2 February 1990 in Albany, California, United States.

Her nationality is (Italian and American) and ethnicity is Italian.

While this is a bad look for the cause of white girl rappers (but, let’s be honest here, that cause isn’t exactly killing it much anyway), this is a great look for people who like laughing at the deranged. Before we get into the videos, there are a few things you should know about V-nasty 1)She’s a huge fan of dropping N-bombs. The white girl mob all seem walk a thin line of sexual mystery.

While this is no doubt shocking to white people on the internet, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been around various white kids who spoke exactly like her. 2)She recently got out of jail for “Armed Robbery”. They all claim to be lez but they also talk about dudes. Perhaps they’re just 19 year old who are full of shit? She also has a kid to a dick got in there at some point.

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