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To know more about Vigo, you can read his biography on sites like Wikipedia or IMDB.

In 2014, his estimated net worth was about 30 million dollars.

He was born as the only son to a Danish father Viggo Peter Mortensen Sr. His parents happened to meet in Norway as both were foreign exchange students.

As his father was a businessman, the family moved around a lot to different places and countries across different continents like Europe and South America including countries like Venezuela and Argentina.

It sure can be said that the couple is getting along pretty well with no imminent signs of a split or a marriage.

Viggo Mortensen, born as Viggo Peter Mortensen, Jr.

Apart from that, he is also a tattoo crazy and has got lots of body ink. He has about 43 tattoos on his body, and most of those were transferred by a paper method.

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He is also a regular member of the gym and has built a very solid body.They have left it all for the love between them and this is turning out pretty well for the couple.They have been together for a long time now and their relationship seems to be getting along pretty strong.He also sold his paintings for food along with flowers and also drove vehicles Couple of years later, he returned to the states to make a living out of acting. Viggo is not a very tall man, but he has an average height of about an 180 cm.He is about 5 feet and 11 inches tall, and his last recorded weight was around 80 kg which is suitable for someone his height.

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